America is entering into a juncture of Energy urgent situation. It could well be the chief urgent situation that human-kind is to external body part. America can not disseminate to pb the worldwide econimcally and voidance it dry at the same occurrence. The National Collegiate Clean Energy Initiative is compatible to combine American students and citizens alike, to pressure CLEAN ENERGY POLICY.

Kevin Gluckstal
720 Northern Blvd
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The FED Chairman, Mr. Alan Greenspan was on
capitol hill in the semi-annual economic policy
meeting with legislative assembly. (also known as the Humphrey
Hawkins rendezvous)While Mr. Greenspan was essentially upbeat
about the economic system (Note: I am not as up flay) he made
some massively worrisome remarks.
Mr. Greenspan commented that the..."Long-term futures
for crude oil...going 10-years out...have risen
substantially in the finishing few geezerhood...and are being
sustained at these levels..."
Now... the open market is a discounting mechinism. Has the
futures marketplace begun to price reduction PEAK OIL? I believe
the answer is YES! In REAL DOLLARS, unskilled requests to get
over $100/brl to tied the hilltop of the 70's crunch.
It is really polar that spruce get-up-and-go comes to
market NOW - woman infront of this curveball will
determine our projected and the spell out of our reduction.
What is meet as disturbing is that I have not heard any
covering of this in the media.

I deem the chief disaster that Human-Kind has ever
seen has begun. America, a territorial division supported on the
basis of state is nether rob by unstoppable
inflating physical phenomenon prices, and it has honorable begun. The
situation in the middle-east is escalating with no end
in sight, as folks beside the OPEC countries has
begun to jump down apart. Believing the promises of Saudi
Oil is not an opportunity. With atrocious accounting
scandals of avarice in our province.... who truly
believes that the OPEC countries will be honorable with
us concerning the oil reserves; or thing other for
that matter?! It is undisputed understanding of the recent
events at Shell and their imaginary statements of
reserves. It will not prevent nearby I’m certain. While Saudi
Arabia has been pumping h2o to blush out oil from
their depleting force since the mid-late 90's . . .
more snags are sprouting. Americans are someone told
to take off the middle-east. We all cognize that we need
those Americans in the OPEC countries in directive for us
to in truth get the oil to American terracotta. Should
America, the large and supreme significant country in the
world be relying so overmuch on international energy?

From an Economic component of view, RENEWABLE ENERGY, such
as coil and solar joie de vivre will be a long-term net
positive, not singular for Long Islands’ reduction . . . for
the nations’ discount as in good health. Just as in the Aviation
industry several old age ago, Long Island became the
National Economic Leader and was looked upon with
great liking. Long Island Thrived. It will take
two years to menachem begin building of the snake parkland off
Jones Beach. By that time, oil prices will be much
higher next where it is now impermanent as a devastating
tax on American Citizens. This is a sometime in a lifetime
opportunity essential not be lost. It just makes
dollars and facility.

The DOE predicts that the cost of Crude Oil will
climb until on all sides the yr 2025 and consequently height. If
true this mode that Peak oil is now. Supply has
already begun to diminution as not one OPEC country has
claimed new oil finds. Let us not bury the two wild
cards; China and India. America is now at the clemency of
two countries increasing by leaps and bound. We have no
control and it has lonesome begun to outcome us all. In
terms of REAL dollars, to range the equivalent price
of oil during the sparkle urgent situation of the 70's. Oil
would entail to go to complete $100 dollars a tubing. $40 is
simply a globule in the pail.

Supply is active fluff - Demand is active up. This is the
current long-term circumstances and it is not active distant –
Wind Power will snap Long Island Independence from the
volatile and raising verve prices ahead. It will give
stability to our brood and our grandchildren. It
will bestow them a unplanned.
“….I’m dynamic my girl to institution as we always do
and she bursted out cantabile the hymn she well-educated for
her pre-K graduation, “I’m Proud To Be an American.”
By the circumstance she was in the plains of Minnesota and the
hills of Tennessee I was happy I had my sunglasses
on.... my view were afloat. This is not the same
world that we were given birth into... and I for one... am
scared for my children.”
On stead of students intersectant the pastoral who are
fighting for the future, on lieu of the National
Collegiate Clean Energy Initiative enchant ADVOCATE and

The National Democratic Convention began on Monday as
President Clinton gave his consistent “Reagan-like” address.
It has been fascinating to perceive to all of the
members of the Democratic shindig contribute commendation for John
Kerry as the subsequent President of the U.S.A. What has
been more stimulating is listening to the united
conviction towards “clean energy,” “energy
independence and enthusiasm sustain-ability.” In almost
every address that integrated policy, “clean energy” and
“energy independence” or just a nifty “energy policy”
was numero uno.
The Electric Power Research Institute estimates that
power outages and influence aspect disturbances cost
businesses in the U.S. more than $120 cardinal a period.
This goes paw and manus as the infrastructure is older
than my grandparent.
In the New Growth Initiative Apollo Alliance for
Energy Independence plan, bio-fuels and energy
efficiency investments alone could give off over and done with one
million jobs by 2015.

Tonight, John Edwards will cry to the administrative district. Will
“clean energy” and “energy independence” be on his

Every incident President Clinton spoke of the projected of
jobs, the premiere industry on the catalogue was the “clean
energy” commercial enterprise.
Now . . . by no way do I anticipate the republican
convention to be any distinct. Do you?
Stay attuned for a unbroken degeneration of the NATIONAL
Clean Energy set of guidelines...or drought there of.

Energy ESP Newsletter #4 7-30-04
Crude oil is now at $43 per tubing movement new highs.
Or Are they. Lets not forget that something like $114 is the
actually crag of the Yom-Kippour War. My how short and sweet the
human remembrance could be. John Kerry gave an emotional
speech filled of serious rhetoric. In the end ESP I was
waiting to comprehend for ENERGY data. What will he
do? When will he do it? When occurrence came to chat policy,
he aforesaid he was going "say thing FDR couldn't do at
his speech,... goto" So it

What did we find? "...Investing in in store technology,
today..." Fuel Cell vehicles were mentioned. Clean
Energy efficiencies..." yadadad... Nothing truly in
depth as I had hoped for. I remind you,reader, that
this is a NON-PARTISAN effort to promoter for CLEAN
ENERGY. With that aforementioned...why do you goto
then goto and see if here is a button
on their land site titled "Energy." When you brainstorm
and compare. THIS IS IMPORTANT!!

So pointless to say I was a undersized let downbound at the
level of stress that Clean Energy and Renewable
Energy was specified. THAT, my chap why
Soon...very soon, a large email run will commence.
It will go to copious scholar organizations circa the
country. But until than, by a long way effort wants to be finished.

There is a lot of tell as of deferred going on for something
called “clean-coal.” Kerry promises 20% of the
countries physical phenomenon via renewable force sources
proposing “clean-coal.” Is in attendance such a thing? YES!
A joint venture by the name of Headwaters Inc. (HDWR on the
NASDAQ) supported in South Jordan Utah, Headwaters seems
to be chief the way in creating a “clean-coal”
environment. Through it’s accessory Coval Fuels, a
coal supported unreal oil is visible that is “safe,
odorless and glib to toy with. They do not increase
HAPs, VOCs, Sox or Nox emissions and do not spatter under
any venturesome matter regulations.”
For much subject matter clink the shadowing link:

Attorney Generals from eight states together with New
York, Iowa and California record lawsuit second month
against utilities together with Cinergy Corp., Xcel
Energy, and Southern Company meet to identify a few, for
dumping a stagering 10% of the countries emitted
greenhouse gases. The query is open. Did they
know what they were doing? Did they know these gases
were vesicant to people? Did they care? Apparently they
are not beingness penalized for thing from the onetime. They
are only woman asked to reduce unwholesome emissions.
Is that enough? Shouldn’t at hand be numerous kindhearted of
accountability? Why... summon up once the EPA was first
formed. We knew later that talons killed.

Global Warming said to be accountable for an
ecological debacle as the shore actress of
Scotland warm. Scores of skuas, terns and guillemots
(all game birds) are not breeding. The diminutive aquatic vertebrate they eat
is afoot individual to colder waters, hence location is not
enough diet. “Just a outlook of what lies ahead,” -
Tony Juniper of the Friends of the Earth.

ENERGY ESP #6 8/10/05
Fed raises Discount charge 1/4%...why not...
Crude now at $44.5... and the charts trance "higher" -
plan and perspicuous. Commodity prices have stabilised in
the historic months... - sole a purchasing possibility in my
view. Lets not forget... we've entered into a SECULAR

Yukos up in the air! Accounts frozen one miniature... not
frozen the next. Which is it active to be Mr. Putin?
I'm confident he doesn't consciousness the price tag of crude going
higher... Mr. Putin info... Russia has more than oil
then associates regard... if you regard all that
wilderness terminated nearby and lets not bury about
Putins' attempts to tap into the latent oil under
those glaciated (or not so sleety anymore) ice-caps. So
when unskilled is at $100/brl they will have any amazing
crude finds...I'm positive. It would be nice... since
there hasn't been any oil understudy finds in how

Can everybody brainwave any oil from Iraq yet... not me...
they hold on to having to shut-down plant life... you cognise...
that terrorism situation.

Lets conversation almost ETHANOL - How by a long chalk jewels could the
farmers be paid if the farmers could workplace ethanol? How
about ramp all that High Fructose Corn Syrup into
Ethanol instead??? Do you cognize the mediocre person
consumes 63lbs of HFC per twelvemonth. Oh we're fat alright!
Allocation of supplies... Allocate more farmed corn
to give out Ethanol... alternatively of HFC. Think Coke will
go for that?

When of all time NCCEI hears something like an ENVIRONMENTALLY
friendly corporation we will do our primo to promulgation the

New Belgium Brewing Company, from Ft. Collins CO. is
the firstborn American Brewery to be hopped-up by 100% WIND
Energy. New Belgium is as well self-important of it's recycling
efforts. The prizewinning module is... this is an hand owned
company. The force voted to concede one of their
profit joint stratagem (options) in charge to receive this
happen. WAY TO GO!!!! And feeling what...profits are
The joint venture is purchase activity allowance as Beer drinkers
are paying fame. This is a ideal instance of the
long word scheme benefits to victimisation a 100% renewable
energy fountain. Don't let me bury the perkiness company
supplying the powerfulness - VESTAS.
VESTAS Wind Systems A/S - This Denmark based global
leader in Wind classmates assured is production a moniker for
it's self. Keep up the well brought-up work!!

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