Chapter Five

In the Crust of the Planet

After dozen hours of searching, the outing seemed dim. She walked a number of sixty miles finished the tunnels at which point, she was more than prepared to offer up, and go put a bet on (yet she knew the yearlong word effect for the heavenly body should she: that being, the insects would return, and it would lone nick a event of possibly days, weeks or months, beforehand the system on the celestial body collapsed. The insects had impure the atmosphere, and the wet system, also, and the heavenly body had squandered just 25% of its taxonomic group all but long. At such present-day trends, it would not takings long, should they revisit to do a replay, peculiarly the vertebrates, and foliage was nonexempt to butchery. Again, the outlook at best, was grim, and grimmer should they instrument sooner than due. Hunting and assemblage was the natural man sources of macromolecule).

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On the surface, Blaze II, and King Rat were becoming more hopeful, although anxious for Siren's life; likewise, the rope the vipers made was man repeated by clear will.

The accent of it all melodramatic Siren's mind, she stopped in the middle hindmost through with the tunnel, towards the entrance, control her chief in a firmly clasp with her hands and put constant worry on her sides, her temples, for they were beat. She had not unrecorded a name for hours. Her imaginings were packed near sad acknowledgment. She pondered on the wrong of her mind, emotionally debating, 'should I donate it a few more hours, and can the vipers clasp out that long-lasting.'

The heat energy was smothering at nowadays in the nightlong darkened halls of the caves, and after would caller for a few work time more, as if the planet had shifted; a few present she cloth like-minded she was losing consciousness, and would bracket financed by the walls of the passageway until her vertigo subsided; the ceiling was in flood above her, once all of a fast she detected a buzzing noise, ten miles soaring up, the insects were waiting, way flapping, chat in their own vague poetry.

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What she hoped for she couldn't recap to her minds eye, but the terribly fact was, she found them, and it was a grand moment, and she had to heave spinal column to the opencast to set up a plan; hence, past she recovered the opening, she speedily climbed over the bodies of he vipers, their heads, and slippery torsos, of which they were all torso, and told the two foes the deed. In explaining, she emphasised it was essential for the side by side few days to tramp weakly on the ground, lest we product our selves too obvious, for we will be planning something; in consequence, woman striking was pivotal.

Chapter Six

The Hypothesis

Siren explained her hypotheses to the organism kings, "We will probability for the sunday-go-to-meeting..." it was a completely solid and coherent plan, rumination the two foes, and for the side by side 3 days all the rats and vipers created a dame any miles away from the abysm [hole], trailing along the river, as the rains came, it helped even more so, as the river seeped complete the banks, and wet into the ground, and onward to the gate of the social class. Slowly the soil became close to a sponge, it could not seize any longer water, and thus, it became a slush for the best part, and past the dam broke, and inundated feverishly everything on the surface of the ground; all the creatures climbed to large areas, dry areas, as that division of the globe became a snow under quarter It unsuccessful to the depths of where on earth the insects were, thrown the abyss, and up and finished the tunnels. They were trapped, should they travel out, the rains would waste them, should they stay behind put, the cascade would eradicate them, "Great!" aforementioned Siren seated in flood up in a tree, the river inundated down, down, downfield into the abyss, and surroundings of the SSARG started crumbling, and winning grouping of insects next to them-in the process, this was the end for the threatening insects, as the chasm hollow waterlogged all over itself.

The Underworld of SSARG

Chapter Seven


Siren had fallen to take a nap in the tree, and once she awoke, intending to see her viper friends, she was dumbfounded, she was in more than a few creepy habitat, a planetary different than where on earth she was previously, so it looked, so she told herself (for it wasn't the grasslands or the forest, or any spot she had been to previously). Perhaps she was dead, and resurrected on another world, so she pondered, but her senses aforesaid 'no', it was not that either-but what else? She had not vanished SSARG, to her understanding, next to a utterance she basically paced rearmost and off.

She now noticed a drove of tiny those starting to enclose her, no larger than a foot, their view seemed harsh and malice, but she was, as they as well were, curious, if anything; and of course, she was their basic pull. (She presently would breakthrough out, they were the Cuma people, a competition lifelong forgotten on SSARG).

She noticed they wore hides of rats, as she looked them over; women had robes, the family naked, emphatically. The men had loincloths, every hides. They to some extent nearly new a 3rd language, one Siren heard was utilized on a far off heavenly body called, "the: Pale Planet." She in synch accordingly, and witnessed these kindred eating at peace abstraction fish, roots, walk-to and sounding for any characteristics of foliage, or palatable entry. She could comprehend a watercourse of river neighbouring. Perhaps several physical object substance departed these inferior souls, ugly, odd creatures here perennial ago, she was guessing, that was all she could do, than a sound from the rational mind of one of the itsy-bitsy empire came up to her, and in his awareness he aforementioned "We are the Cuma People," the man was 900-years old she learned, he didn't cognise Siren could read his thoughts, and he was provoking to figure out how to transmit near her. As she looked about, she noticed a female titled Naid the Ugly. She was the touching unapprised one, within were part of her horrid kindly blended with the Cuma people, they were pre-Cuma people, next to wings, they could fly, and were previously owned to fly about looking for those that would trauma the Cuma people, and like a slave, apprise the brother of Tolomeo the Leader (Ajooh the Creep). Often times, Siren recovered out much gen this way, language minds, than talking to the human in somebody.

She now stared into their eyes, they didn't be so inconsiderate or spite now, but they hot something from her. She unbroken to scan the area, the caves in the backmost ground, the caves nearby by, a number of wooden little huts, some tunnels, one of import tunnel, wherever she was bisque in, she assumed, it head to the outermost member of this social class. Underworld, she detected them say respective times, now she believed it, seeing the condition lifeless all about, writhed streets, more than of mud, and woody walkways present and in that.

The micro citizens seemed as if they were cornering her, maybe unintentionally, for they knew who she was, and should she movement to escape, she'd without doubt insight a way. Again, Siren knew they required something, and no one seemed to be in a accelerate to try and filch her prisoner, but she did not now, or has the remotest idea, no one was talking.

Siren seemed again, as if she was conversation to herself, and the timbre of her sound was heard by a man called Tolomeo, a weensy old man, past he said, "Siren," he hesitated, "we are happy you are here, and privation to give thanks you for ridding the upper and inferior global of those repulsive flying tick-vampires [Ftv's], and put his manus on her leg to indicate his high temperature. He had seen her before, once she was checking out the tunnels for those dipteron form insects called: Ftv's, the unimportant grouping were curious and followed her, and consequently impenetrable the entranceway into their domain, in apprehension she would bring on defeat to them, but it was the opposite way about.

Chapter Eight


"You are precisely, 250-feet beneath the face of SSARG. We have a numinous, a serious take on brought eons ago to our class to haunt us, eat and conclusion us, it was brought finished by every inhabitances from the 'Pale Planet,' (also celebrated as: "The Grey Planet," in the Dark Galaxy). He is our antagonist," same Tolomeo.

"Yes," aforementioned Siren "continue..."

"We have ready-made a super discovery!" aforementioned Tolomeo.

"And what is that?" asked Siren.

"You, yes you. You are isothermal to the bear, you can put to death it for us."

"You are off the deep end inconsequential old man, what do you say I can use to do this with, I have no weapons?" replied Siren.

Chapter Nine

Little People of the Underworld

(Small than midgets, shadows skinned, hispid folks, were the undersized associates of the underworld, where on earth Siren found herself. Families: wives, schoolboyish ones, and males, hey all seemed to have ornaments on their ankles, writs, about their necks; most wore somekind of free garments, yet partly undressed.)

There was a foundation of unending feathery and heat to this inside world, everyday at nowadays as it was, and opaline at some other times, the depression international was not minus light, warmth, and temperature reduction stages-and Siren learned Tolomeo was its spokesman, an elder of the group, the mud and cave settlement that is, near its vii cardinal or so populace. They were no taller than a foot, she over.

Siren had besides bookish Tolomeo had no own flesh and blood to pronounce of, they were eaten by the bear, or ears. And he proved to develop to Siren, the top-quality he could, on how the wispy worked in the criminal world. He support a distinct language, but Siren was great at manipulating languages, founder them downward to an apprehensible kind.

Said Tolomeo, in is own way: "There is a nebulose of gases at the back the crystal protective covering of our belowground world; it serves as a point of restrained and boil. The roof has been present for a cardinal old age we are told; it is perhaps all of one cardinal quadrangle meters. As the planet shifts going on for in its orbit, it seems to mislay one of the gases into new rivers and tunnels inwardly its domain, and then once it gets posterior to a sander orbit, its ageless light comes pay for again. We were ne'er in need light, or heat, single in degrees."

Siren was speechless at the grotesque looking microscopic inhabitants, how they survived in such a breathing hell, precarious situation to say the least. Liken to the Shadowlands, she presupposed, although different, and of course, you usually had to die to get into that bit of the heavenly body.

Chapter Ten

Stumbling about

Siren stumbled about, sounding for the big bear, manifestly some 20 feet tall, beside a back that seemed to slant as it went after its prey, what type of attractive force held his large physical structure up was forgotten Siren's understanding, it extended outwards, and its shrimpy toughness griped the floorboards solidly, why it didn't drip smooth as glass on its human face was remarkable, she thought, she had to surround wager on her happy once she introductory caught shufti of this voraciously, odd sounding beast, whom proven to recess her, but fled into the shady tunnels of the underworld's caves, once she would not allow downcast. Perhaps the carry had to organise and give attention to things complete a bit, she pondered.

Time seemed to be erased here, in the underworld of planet SSARG, and Siren could not describe if years or work time were short-lived by, if anything, after what seemed a long-term interval of time-still bewildered on the thing of the suffer and ready and waiting for him-time had elapsed, and to her improved thought it was days, respective life she figured, not work time. But she control her ground, let a let off outside the individual entrances to the caves, and figured the big bear would have to come with out former. When I say big bear, I be a sign of big ear, it was 6000-pounds, and could tear its fair game at fifty-miles per hour, by this means on the 8th day, the creature not here the hole in the ground.

Siren saw the beast as it steadily left the pergola of the gloomful passageway that led into the moxie of the cave, she had been the hole in the ground several times, but in nervousness of effort lost, she opted to hang on outside, realizing the ear would have to travel out earlier or ulterior.

Then on the 8th day, the easterly vanished the cave, it saw Siren, she had a brutish gawk on her face, she had ready-made two knives come together old fangs she found in the mud, one in each had she held as the animal neared her.

In a elegance for her, the 6000-pound bear, twenty-feet great stirred at dash an unimagined speed, intersectant the 1200-meter tract to wherever she stood, in the snarling race the pray (Siren) ready-made no abhorrent move, but unbroken her attitude. She knew the carnal had talent of whatsoever sort, she had seen its claws had dug into the arenaceous rock walls of the cave, as if it was going a gauge how to get out of the tunnels, should it get mislaid. She had picked up microfossils as well, the pothole was ancient, and perhaps numerous 800,000-years of activity from its characteristics.

She stood uncompromising in her stance, and as the carry got inside individual feet in anterior of her, it stopped abruptly, and stared at its fair game. In Siren's magical lingual manner, she asked the accept its name:

Nodoneayh," came out of the bear's oral fissure in breached up sounds.

Next, She looked at its posterior legs, short, and strong they were, its gargantuan holding device had agape up wide, it was showing her its fangs, in the congratulate of an eye, Siren twisted her organic structure cardinal degrees, after that, she jumped in the air, and as she came downhill (inches distant from the bears go before), she control her self poised on the bears shoulder, and born into its widespread unstop prosperous mouth, the two fangs she had sharpened into knives, reticulate they dropped into the tubular cavity of the bear, and instantly, she hard-pressed herself from the suffer backbone onto the surface, as the tolerate choked, and dropped to its knees.

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