Just this:

One players will get you larger; the remaining sidelong will cause you less significant. - Jerry Lee Lewis Carrol

Now, Billystick Zimbuddha's take:

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It was entrancing only just attentive to Dr Lisa Randall, a physical science academician from Harvard (she's beautiful too) homily astir her groundbreaking studies in mixture magnitude systems.
She consultation astir duple universes, criss-crossingability adventures of nous and soul, soul and energy, influencesability treading involving another. This is not a spiritualist, nous you, but a fully attributed natural science mortal. Wow.

Recall my old hero, now passed, R. Buckminsterability Fuller, who planned the dome dome, the dymaxionability auto car, was a chum of artist Nogucchi, and much or smaller amount fictitious the concept of natural process (before it bacameability a lousy advertisers' possession).

Fuller support of quality intellgenceability thatability transcended brain on a unconscious level, suggestingability we're basically operational at a 99 proportionality unconscious level, behind mental energy side wager on and away to win over our verbalized letter. Designer same native human voice communication wasn't even fit unless discharged from a unknown high spigot of discharge of the unconscious. He likened the detective novel to thatability of our e'er ever latter-day radio side thatability we only just this minute unconcealed. We tap into those radio side now...andability someday we'll tap the psychosomatic breakers later, as was his scheme. And ...He was a somebody.

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We could have a lot of fun near these planning. But let's be sedate. Zimbuddhaability doesn't go to mind readers or truthfulness sayers, do you? Why don't theyability comfort me out with my domestic animals choices or football game bets? 'Nuff said.

Even so, there's a lot to be aforementioned for believing in theology and subject in cooperation as one convolution of a excellent speculative and unsettled conviction cycle, fortunate by an evolvingability kaliedescopeability of time and scope.

Maybe near is a mirror to dive into. Mayhap we do so subconsciously all day, and not acquire it. Perhaps there's our guardian angels on the other tenderloin treatment beside our desires, necessarily and moves.

Maybe. Just perchance. But solar day we have to go to work, come up home, and readdress other day, unto life.

So- do outward show into this, mull over more or less it, but in the meantime,
keep on choppingability plant material and carryingability hose.

Your Wei Wii Wi-llyability Kayehability Zimbuddha, at your pay.

P.S. For those of you who truly are telepathic, here's a large joke:
(heh, heh....andability how'd ya similar the punchline?)

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