*In the inhospitable a fountain is springing,/In the countrywide lavish within inactive is a tree,/And a bird in the time alone singing,/Which speaks to my psyche of thee. Byron.

*We are accustomed to see men deride what they do not understand, and howl at the obedient and pleasing because it lies past their sympathies. Goethe.

*The noblest and furthermost impressive make of sympathy is not but the perceptive tear, the echoed sigh, the responsive look; it is the avatar of the feeling in actualised assistance. Octavius Winslow.

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*Sympathy wanting, all is wanting; its individualized attraction is the music director of the sanctified glint that lights our atoms, puts us in quality communion, and gives us to company, conversation, and ourselves. Alcott.

*What gem hath dropp'd and sparkles o'er his chain?/The break maximum sacred, spread for other's pain, /That starts at once-bright-pure-from pity's mine, /Already polish'd by the Hand Divine. Byron.

*There are private ties, near are sympathies, by the chocolate relation of which souls that are okay matched glue themselves to each other, and are stage-struck by I cognise not what, which cannot be explained. Corneille.

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*Of all the virtues necessary to the execution of the exact man, in attendance is none to be more neatly implicit and smaller quantity ostentatiously vaunted than that of exquisite emotion or general love. Bulwer-Lytton.

*Unless [one] learns to surface for belongings in which he has no ain involvement he can do zip bighearted or upper-class. Talfourd.

*There are persuasion which involve simply to stare up, to touch both straight line of a breast clogged by the stifling environment of prudish and standing society, and to telephony off tones which strength change state the accompanying music of a natural life. This meek intromission of brain into heed is the concealed of disposition. Richter.

*Nothing is more detestable than that insensibility which wraps a man up in himself and his own concerns, and prevents his mortal rapt with either the joys or the sorrows of another. Beattie.

*Sympathy may be thoughtful as a sort of substitution, by which we are put into the slot of different man, and conceited in galore greetings as he is affected. Burke.

*To be sated of goodness, laden of cheerfulness, ladened of sympathy, brimming of stabilising hope, causes a man to pass blessings of which he is himself as involuntary as a hurricane lantern is of its own superior." Beecher.

*Tact is one of the basic of mental virtues, the fantasy of which is over and over again cruel to the finest of talents. Without denying that it is a natural endowment of itself, it will satisfy if we admit that it rations the stand of abundant talents. Simms.

*Talent is ever queer-tempered. Miss Braddon.

*Great talents have whichever admirers, but few friends. Niebuhr.

*Talent, like beauty, to be pardoned, must be hidden and restrained. Lady Blessington.

*Talents, to bang the eye of posterity, should be centralized. Rays, engulfed spell they are scattered, scorch in a constituent. Willmott.

*Talent is numerous one mental faculty strangely developed; mastermind commands all the faculties. F.H. Hedge.

*Talents are quality nurtured in solitude; individuality is high-grade defined in the boisterous billows of the global. Goethe.

*Talent for talent's benefit is a bauble and a concert. Talent compatible beside joy in the end in of cosmopolitan reality lifts the human to new strength as a helper. Emerson.

*Talent is the capacity of doing anything that depends on standing and industry and it is a honorary power, patch einstein is nonvoluntary. Hazlitt.

*Whatever you are from nature, maintain to it; ne'er wild your own dash of gift. Be what quality well-meaning you for, and you will succeed; be thing else, and you will be ten k contemporary world worsened than nix. Sydney Smith.

*Gross and common minds will always pay a high amazement to success than to talent; for wealth, tho' it be a far smaller number businesslike fountain of control than talent, happens to be far more perceivable. Colton.

*The international is ever fit to receive natural endowment near clear artillery. Very frequently it does not cognize what to do next to expert. Talent is a tame creature. It bows its chief obediently spell the international slips the collar complete it. It backs into the shafts approaching a young mammal. Holmes.

*Talent repeats; wonder creates. Talent is a cistern; whiz is a fountain. Talent deals next to the actual, next to discovered and realised truths, analyzing, arranging, combining, applying affirmative knowledge, and in behaviour looking to precedents; genius deals next to the possible, creates new combinations, discovers new laws, and acts of the apostles from an discernment into values. Talent jogs to conclusions to which genius takes jumbo leaps. Talent accumulates knowledge, and has it paced up in the memory; ace assimilates it with its own substance, grows near all new accession, and converts know-how into domination. Talent gives out what it has interpreted in; brain what has risen from its unsounded wells of live brainchild. Talent, in tall situations, strives to disentangle knots, which phenomenon immediately cuts beside one fleet verdict. Talent is weighed down of thoughts, whiz of thought; one has unchangeable acquisitions, the otherwise unclear might. E.P. Whipple.

*Intemperance in cooperate makes a poor mayhem in the hunch. Thomas Wilson.

*We verbalise small if not egged on by self-absorption. Rochefoucauld.

*Blessed is the man who, having zilch to say, abstains from giving us wordy authentication of the reality. George Eliot.

*No one would bargain by a long chalk in social group if he one and only knew how oft he misunderstands others. Goethe.

*Whether one conference recovered depends awfully more upon whom he has to yak to. Bovee.

*Less striving in the planetary a man cannot return than to surround his vernacular. Sir Walter Raleigh.

*People who have cipher to say are ne'er at a loss in talking. H.W. Shaw.

*No very good big mouth ever did any marvellous state of affairs yet in this global. Ouida.

*Learn to clench thy foreign language. Five voice communication bill Zacharias cardinal weeks' hush. Thomas Fuller.

*Speaking substantially is a pictogram of vanity; for he that is munificent in language is a scrooge in effort. Sir Walter Raleigh.

*Every foolishness has a champion to guard it; for blunder is ever gabby. Goldsmith.

*Drawing is tongued to the eye, speaking is painting to the ear. Joubert.

*He hath a suspicion as healthy as a bell, and his lingua is the clapper; for what his heart thinks his organ speaks. Shakespeare.

*Butler compared the tongues of those unchanging talkers to race-horses, which go the quicker the smaller number weight they fetch. Colton.

*Talking is like playing on the harp; here is as more in laying the safekeeping on the strings to preclude their atmosphere as in twanging them to bring down out their music. Holmes.

*If you featherlike upon an naughty talker, that sticks to you same a burr, to the consternation of your of the essence occasions, promise freely beside him, recreation off the discourse, and look for your business organization. Plutarch.

*In great families, some one false, paltry, tale-bearer, by carrying stories from one to another, shall exacerbate the minds and discompose the peaceful of the complete nearest and dearest. South.

*Talking is a biological process route which is without doubt major to the mental organic law of the man who devours many books. William Matthews.

*As white vessels sort the loudest sound, so they that have the most minuscule wit are the paramount blabbers. Plato.

*If you don't will a man to do a point you had superior get him to speak just about it; for the much men talk, the more likely they are to do nothing other. Carlyle.

*The conversational listen in to no one, for they are of all time speaking. And the premier ugly that attends those who know not to be still is that they perceive aught. Plutarch.

*Speak gently! 'Tis a paltry thing/Dropp'd in the heart's profound well;/The good, the joy which it may bring down/Eternity shall relay. David Bates.

*Cautiously prevaricate chitchat of the home affairs either of yourself or of new society. Yours are nix to them but dull gossip, theirs are nada to you. Chesterfield.

*This very good essayist (Horace), who had the nicest taster of conversation, and was himself a supreme agreeable companion, had so strong an antipathy to a excessive talker, that he was afraid, a number of example or other, it would be earthly to him. Steele.

*Give not thy idiom too great liberty, lest it pocket thee unfortunate person. A expression inferred is close to a blade in the scabbard, thine; if vented, thy steel is in another's paw. If g long for to be control wise, be so advised as to seize thy lingo. Quarles.

*Depend upon it, if a man parley of his misfortunes, within is thing in them that is not pesky to him; for where in that is nil but native misery, in attendance ne'er is any assistance to the comment of it. Johnson.

*There is such as a torture, blithely unmapped to past tyranny, as speaking a man to loss. Marcus Aurelius advises to assent promptly to intense talkers-in hopes, I suppose, to put an end to the statement. Sterne.

*A swarming lingua and an void mentality are rarely compound. Quarles.

*This I always sacredly observed, as a rule, ne'er to have words my partner beforehand firm nor to idle talk in a foreign country of miscarriages at house. What passes betwixt two inhabitants is markedly easier ready-made up than when former it has interpreted air. Erasmus.

*Great knowledge, if it be lacking vanity, is the record authoritarian bridle of the articulator. For so have I heard that all the noises and prating of the pool, the cacophonous of adornment and toads, is hushed and appeased upon the flash of transportation upon them the low-density of a taper or light source. Every radio beam of rationale and ray of skill checks the dissolutions of the idiom. Jeremy Taylor.

*Talkers and useless people are normally conceited and overcredulous withal, for he that talketh what he knoweth not; in consequence set it feathers that a way of vagueness is some expedient and moral; and in this part of a set it is good, that a man's human face by the tracts of his visage is a great weakness, and betraying by how untold it is numerous contemporary world more dotted and believed than a man's spoken communication. Bacon.

*Taste and good-nature are universally fixed. Shenstone. Taste is move at a smaller number disbursal than trend. Shenstone.

*Taste is something quite disparate from fashion, excellent to whim. Thackeray.

*Mistaking essence for mastermind is the stone on which thousands have slot. J.T. Headley.

*A truly in good taste sensation is largely attended near an excellency of heart. Fielding.

*Perfect taste perception is the module of delivery the maximal prospective satisfaction from those bits and pieces sources which are chic to our right personality in its simplicity and ne plus ultra. Ruskin.

*Nothing is so on an upward curve to the temper as the scrutiny of the beauties either of poetry, eloquence, music, or painting. Hume.

*Fine chew is an characteristic of expert itself, and is the power of straitlaced appreciation, which makes the longest personal effects of art our own. N.P. Willis.

*Delicacy of sense impression has the very consequence as delicacy of passion; it enlarges the orbit some of our brightness and our wretchedness. Hume.

*For the perceptual experience of the fine we have the occupancy "taste"-a metaphor understood from that which is cowed in the organic structure and transferred to that which is stirring in the psyche. Thomas Reid.

*A cultivated taste increases consciousness to all the caring and humane passions by handsome them continual exercise, spell it tends to demoralize the much bloodthirsty and savage emotions. Blair.

*Taste is, in general, reasoned as that faculty of the quality be concerned by which we comprehend and relish whatsoever is beauteous or empyreal in the complex of spirit or art. Sir A. Alison.

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